"We needed a strong rules-based lead distribution engine and that’s what MarketNet really specializes in.”

—Bill Brewster, Gerber Technology

Territory Manager

If your territories were as simple as the lines on a map, life would be easy. But tightly defined territories with no overlap rarely exist. As an innovative part of incommand, our Territory Manager is built to handle the complexity of real-life lead distribution.

To best suit our clients who sell through reseller channels, we have automated the lead distribution process in a way that defines “territory” according to a multitude of factors. The Territory Manager tool gives you the flexibility to ensure fair and equitable lead distribution for all sales outlets while making sure the lead is serviced by the dealer best equipped to handle their needs.

What is a “territory”?

Most lead management tools use only geography to define territories. But in a complex reseller environment, we know there are many factors contributing to the decision of which dealer should get a lead. We let clients define “territory” by a number of characteristics including geography, vertical market, product or service focus, and even dealer sales performance so your leads truly get the best experience.

How does it work?

In order for our system to consider all the different factors affecting lead distribution, we first have to set up the rules in the Lead Distribution Rules Engine. The Rules Engine is basically a drag-and-drop flow chart, giving you full customization capabilities.

Get a glimpse of the Rules Engine Flow from the screenshot below. On the left side of the screen is a list of possible rules you can drag over and connect in the order you want the system to check them. The Rules Engine starts with checking the first rule, then, based on the outcome, follows the connection to the next rule, and on and on it goes until it has narrowed down the most capable dealer/salesperson for the lead.