About bpm'online

Bpm’online is a global provider of process-driven CRM for marketing, sales, and service. The core value of bpm’online products is the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales, and service on a single platform.

Sharing MarketNet's values and expertise in lead management, bpm’online is the perfect match for enhancing our clients’ understanding of their customers.

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Bpm’online’s products fit right into our values as a lead management company and give us the opportunity to offer our clients a highly intelligent CRM system. — Jerry Troke, President of MarketNet


Bpm`online marketing allows you to efficiently manage the lead journey from start to finish. Maintain constant dialogue with leads while overseeing demand generation, lead nurturing, and campaign results.

  • 360° customer view
  • Visual content designer for creating email templates
  • Email split testing
  • Instantaneous email sends to full recipient list
  • Lead management tools
  • UTM tracking codes to analyze conversions
  • Event management
  • Knowledge base of articles, scripts, and guidelines


Bpm`online sales uses sales force automation to help manage the complete sales cycle and ensure your team only focuses on qualified and sales-ready leads.

  • 360° customer view
  • Lead management tools
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Orders and invoice processing
  • Field sales management tools
  • Sales forecasting tools
  • Contract manager
  • Product catalog
  • Knowledge base of articles, scripts, and guidelines


Bpm`online service offers a full-featured customer center and service enterprise. Help your team manage customer requests and automate service operations right from their CRM.

  • Customer database
  • Omnichannel communications
  • Case database
  • Contact center
  • Service catalog
  • Request management
  • Problem management
  • Synchronization and integration with Excel, MS Exchange, PBX systems, MS Outlook, Google, and IMAP/SMTP

Features & Benefits

Learn the System Quickly and Easily

Bpm’online’s clean design and simple structure make it easy for you to become acquainted with the platform, so you can get down to business faster.

Track Tons of Customer Data

Bpm'online tracks data like industry, company size, geography, events attended, and career history, so you can see a full picture of your customers. View contacts on a map, track connections between accounts and relationships in company structures, see a list of activities they’re involved in, and browse the entire history of interactions. No matter what data you want to track, bpm’online can handle it all, giving you the power to learn your customers and how to best interact with them.

Automate Your Business Processes

The core of the bpm'online platform is a business process management engine that can automate any internal processes from document approval to collaboration on complex projects. You'll have a complete set of tools at your disposal for managing process modelling, execution, monitoring, and analysis. Plus, you can build custom business processes to meet your specific needs.

Keep Using Your Favorite Tools

Bpm’online can integrate with a variety of third party applications, so you can keep working the way you work best. Integrations include applications for accounting, billing, ERP, and calendar tools, as well as more specialized solutions, like core banking systems.

Have Access to Top Notch Technology

Bpm’online has a multitier SaaS architecture that uses reliable HTML5 and AJAX technologies. Built-in integration with professional email service providers Elastic and UniOne allow you to instantly send emails to your entire recipient list. Plus, utilize ready-to-use content blocks in the built-in WYSIWYG designer to create flawless emails.

Deploy in the Cloud or on Your Server

Depending on the company’s needs and policies, all products that are built on bpm’online’s platform can either be hosted on the servers of certified datacenters and be available as a cloud solution or hosted on-site, using the in-house servers of the client.

Work in a System That Feels Like Your Own

Almost everything in bpm’online’s system is customizable, from section structure and business logics to system appearance. Give your instance a full makeover with your branding, and you’ll feel right at home.