MarketNet's Lead Management Platform

Many sales leads aren’t ready to buy – yet. But our systems tell you what they’ve done and what they’ve seen, providing insights to understand how close your leads are to purchasing. Then we deliver the right messaging and content to increase the likelihood of a purchase. Automatically, intelligently, and genuinely engaging your potential customers to choose your products or services.

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We help companies find, qualify and distribute sales leads. Our platform, incommand, serves clients who go to market through multi-step channels, including dealers, distributors and other resellers.
Lead Management
Lead Management

Lead Management

Everyone has their own definition of lead management. Our view is simple – it’s capturing, qualifying, and distributing leads to the best sales resource. That’s it. MarketNet’s incommand platform delivers all of these capabilities with a focus on helping clients who go to market through reseller or mixed reseller/direct sales channels.

  • Capture
  • Distribution
  • Qualification
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Lots of sales leads aren’t ready to buy – yet. But our systems tell you what they’ve done and what they’ve seen, giving you insight to understand how close they are to purchasing. We then deliver the right messaging and content to increase their likelihood of buying. Automatically, intelligently, and in a way that genuinely engages potential customers to choose your products or services.

  • Lead Generation
  • Behavior Tracking
  • Event Marketing
  • Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Know what’s happening to your sales leads. All the time. Online dashboards and detailed reports tell you what’s going on, where the sales are happening and what changes need to be made. Advanced analytics helps pinpoint which activities, nurturing paths, and sales practices contribute to sales conversions. Information that can super charge your ongoing lead management and nurturing practices.

  • Lead Management Reporting
  • Lead Nurturing Reporting
Our Services
Our Services

Our Services

From onboarding to training to integration of additional lead sources, we provide services that amplify lead management effectiveness. All from a perspective that embraces industry best practices and thought leadership. We don’t just drop a Lead Management system off at your door – we stay with you to make sure it adjusts with your changing needs, getting better all the time.

  • Content Creation
  • Record Appending
  • Systems Integration
  • Tele-Qualification
  • Training

Features & Benefits

Touchpoint Recorder

incommand can grab sales leads from every possible place you touch customers. Whether it’s web to lead capture, trade show leads, PPC advertising, direct mail responses, or more, incommand captures every hand-raiser and begins the process of managing them through your sales cycle. During the capture process, lead data is validated and cleansed, and the record is then posted to the incommand lead database. The platform also keeps track of the originating Touchpoint so you can determine which marketing efforts and entry points are generating the most business.

Activity Recorder

Most salespeople know that every interaction with a contact can move them closer to a sale. When your contact reaches out to you, you need to know about all of the interactions that they’ve had with your company. Refresh your memory with incommand’s Activity Recorder feature. This captures everything about a particular lead – from when their information was entered into incommand to the date when the last system-generated email was sent to them. With this, you can approach your contact prepared.

Lead Scoring/Qualification

When it comes to leads, it’s all about quality. incommand’s lead scoring function provides initial guidance on whether a lead is ready to be helped by Sales. If a lead originates from a high value or urgent touchpoint, or if there is data indicating immediate needs, the lead’s score is escalated and it may be passed to sales right away. This first score gets leads where they need to be quickly.

Territory Management

These days, Territory Management isn’t just about places on a map. Geography matters, but when it comes to contacts, you may also need to consider the product/service designations, vertical market expertise, and dealer sales performance. With Territory Management features, you can boost your customer service potential and better measure your teams’ performance in particular areas.

Lead Distribution Rules Engine

You don’t need to hire a programmer or have coding skills to customize your lead distribution rules. Multi-faceted rules that reflect your go-to-market strategy can be quickly assembled using incommand’s sophisticated Lead Distribution Rules Engine. This drag-and-drop tool allows you to see how over two dozen pre-set rules that can be combined and sequenced to determine where your leads ultimately go. You can even test your rules before putting them in action

Lead Assignment & Distribution

The best sales are made when the right customer connects with the right dealer. incommand’s lead processing tool routes sales leads to the most relevant resource. Using the organization set up in the Territory Management tool and the lead flow established in the Lead Distribution Rules Engine, incommand quickly and accurately distributes leads among dealers for their quick conversion.

CRM Lite

incommand integrates with most popularCRM packages available today. But what if your dealers don’t have or use CRM software? Don’t worry. incommand has a web-based CRM Lite feature which lets dealers see and manage leads quickly and easily. The platform also offers a number of features to track leads, measure sales, determine ROI, track campaigns, and do more to help you make the most of your customer relationships.


When it comes to sales, you need to see the big picture. That’s why incommand contains a variety of reports that you can use to measure your team’s progress by lead, survey, and campaign. Select from a range of graphic-rich reports, pick parameters, such as date or territory, and generate reports in the Reports Viewer with just a few clicks. Need a report that’s more specific to your business? MarketNet can work with you to create custom reports to use in incommand.


Like most companies, you probably have more than one tool to cultivate leads and care for customers. You may have an email marketing app, social media tools, and more. incommand is designed to integrate with many of the sales programs available on the market today. Add incommand to the tools that you offer your sales people and you’ll find that it operates smoothly with little ramp up.