Marketo's powerful marketing automation software

MarketNet Solutions strives to enhance every aspect of your Marketo experience. We offer a broad range of services including but not limited to: strategy development, lead scoring implementation, lead management, marketo auditing, content creation, and Marketo management.

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We leverage our Marketo expertise to provide services and solutions to help you achieve your goals and improve your ROI.
Lead Management
Lead Management

Lead Management

Buyers form opinions and make decisions before they ever interact with your sales team. How do you reach them and develop a relationship before sending them to sales? Our Lead Management solution helps you attract buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns, so sales can step in when they are engaged and ready.

  • Drive More Top-Of-Funnel Activity
  • Improve Your Lead Quality
  • Help Your Sales Team Win
  • Measure What Matters And Build On Your Success
  • Scale Your Campaign Execution
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Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

People are receiving more than 2900 marketing messages every day. How do you ensure yours break through the clutter? With our Email Marketing solution you can engage your customers as individuals by responding to them based on what they do…or don’t do, wherever they are. Automatically and at scale.

  • Start With A Single View Of Each Customer
  • Create Segments Of One
  • Take Control Of Your Customer Conversations
  • Get The Most Out Of Every Campaign
  • Prove The ROI Of Your Email Marketing
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Consumer Marketing
Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing

It costs 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to sell to one you already have. How do you keep your existing customers happy and grow their revenue with you? Expand your relationship with customers and identify the right complementary products to market to them with our Customer Base Marketing solution.

  • Sell More To Existing Customers
  • Target Your Best Growth Opportunities
  • Focus Sales On Their Best Bets
  • Measure Marketing’s Impact On Growth
  • Deliver The Optimal Customer Experience
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Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

With more mobile devices than people in the world, mobile interactions are a key part of customer journeys. How can you ensure you’re driving deep engagement with your customers wherever they are? Our Mobile Marketing solution lets you deliver relevant, cross-channel experiences from a single unified platform.

  • Reach Users As The Individuals They Are
  • Find And Attract The Right Users For Your App
  • See The Big Cross-Channel Picture
  • Use Comprehensive Analytics For Decision-Making
  • Increase Retention By Reconnecting With Users
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Features & Benefits

Gain the power and flexibility you need to engage customers at scale

Find and engage the right customers. Help them learn what they want to know about your products as they begin their journey. Learn about search marketing, landing pages, web personalization, forms, social media, and behavior tracking.

Account-Based Marketing

Identify and target accounts with the greatest revenue potential. Engage them so they move more quickly through the sales funnel. And, easily measure the success of your efforts in terms of revenue won. Gain account targeting and management, personalized cross-channel engagement, and revenue-based account analytics, plus proven lead management functionality, in a single platform. You have the power to target not only accounts, but the decision-makers within them.

Create Email Campaigns Quickly And Easily

If you know how to use a word processor, you know how to create emails in Marketo. Our visual editor and fully responsive templates make creating emails that look great on any device simple and fast. Trigger emails automatically in real time based on activity—or lack of activity—in any customer channel or changes in your CRM system. No programming required.

Engage your customers in the channel they use most—their mobile devices

Integrate mobile app engagement into conversations you’re having with customers wherever they are. Bridge the gap between mobile and your other marketing channels by taking what you hear in the other channels and on other devices and responding in mobile.

Integrate social media into your entire marketing strategy

Use social media to learn about your customers. Acquire new customers, engage existing customers and build brand advocates by understanding who they are as individuals and how to engage them using polls, sweepstakes, referrals programs, and more.

Target the right customer with relevant ads

Segment your most promising customers by interests and preferences, gathered from your interactions with them across channels, like the web, email, mobile, and social. With our Ad Bridge offering, you can leverage your segments in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other popular ad platforms to deliver more personal and effective display ads.

Make the most of web visits by personalizing experiences to engage deeply

Convert more of the 98% of anonymous visitors to your website with content, messaging, and calls-to-action personalized in real time using browsing behavior, location, referring URLs, and more. B2B companies can also personalize based on company size and industry, even for anonymous visitors.

Build credibility by showing the impact of your marketing efforts

Using Marketo's built in marketing analytics, you can identify which channels and campaigns deliver the most revenue and highest marketing ROI so you can put your resources where they will have the most impact.