How lead management is like a college term paper

How lead management is like a college term paper

Oct 30, 2012 by MarketNet Blog Team

Lead management sounds like a serious marketing term, but it’s just the process of getting leads from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle. As a process, though, it does involve multiple steps – much like writing a college term paper.

Step 1: Gather the facts

The first step in paper writing, once you have a topic, is gathering all the facts. Likewise, the first step in lead management is gathering all your leads in one place. At MarketNet, customers use our TouchPoint Recorder to gather leads.

Step two: Create an outline

Creating an outline is usually the second step of a paper. For leads, this outline includes tracking interests, behaviors, product interests and more. MarketNet offers a marketing database to create a ‘lead outline’ that gives a simple summary for each lead.

Step three: Fill in the blanks**

Once you have your facts and an outline, you can go back and see the missing pieces. In lead management, filling in those blanks requires recording every touchpoint and interaction with that lead, so you can clearly see the whole story of the lead. We offer an activity recorder as part of our lead management package. Every member of your team can record when they contact a lead and what information they give.

Step four: Determine the most important points

In any paper, you have main and supporting points. Lead scoring is a similar ranking system – some leads need more attention, and some have the potential to bring in more business. MarketNet can help you create a lead scoring system that is tailored for your business.

Step five: Create transitions

In any paper, you’ll want transitions to bridge one section to the next. In lead management, determining territories is one way to bridge the gaps of how leads move through the process. That way, no one gets dropped or over-covered. Our Territory Tracker helps your team see channel conflict.

Step six: Write the paper

You’ve done all the work – now it’s time to actually work the paper, or in this case, the lead. MarketNet offers a lead assignment and distribution program that assigns leads to the best person to finish the job.

Step seven: Turn it in

Your final step of paper writing is to turn it in. In lead management, the final step is turning over all your information so your sales team can effectively work and close the lead. Our CRM Lite system allows your sales team to see all the lead information clearly and easily.

Congrats! You’ve just earned your first A in lead management. Looking for more information? Contact MarketNet for a personalized lead management action plan.