How lead scoring is like college basketball

How lead scoring is like college basketball

Oct 15, 2012 by Amanda VanLente-Hatter

When you hear the terms ‘lead scoring’ and ‘college basketball’ together, you might think you just accidentally flipped between CNBC and ESPN. But actually, the practice of scoring leads is much like the rankings system of college basketball – and it can do wonders for your business. How?

Scoring your leads is an objective process that assigns a value to each lead, much like the rankings system assign a ranking to each college team. Different systems score leads differently, but usually include factors like how the lead discovered the business and how how often the lead has made contact. Much like college basketball, where rankings are assigned by past records, player strengths and the like, lead scoring allows everyone a level playing field to understand the ‘favorites.’

So how does this help your business? By knowing where to assign your leads and how much effort to invest in them. When you fill out a college basketball bracket, the rankings give you an idea of who will come out on top – so you make sure those teams get to the center of the bracket. Lead scoring allows you to assign the best leads to the sales people that will best fit their needs, and put in the right amount of effort for each lead. Just as putting a low ranked team in the middle of your bracket is probably not the best plan, spending a lot of time following up on a low ranking lead at the expense of a higher ranking lead can cause problems for your business.

Just like college basketball, lead scoring is never a sure thing. There’s always the chance a top-seeded team will fail, or an underdog will come out on top. But the more effort you put into developing a lead scoring system that works for you, the better chance you have of winning even more business

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