MarketNet launches v4.5 of lead management platform

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MarketNet launches next release of lead management platform
SPRING LAKE, Mich. — July 25, 2013 — MarketNet Services, LLC, a sales lead management company, today announced the launch of version 4.5 of their incommand Lead Management System™ . This version of incommand, the third major release in two years, includes a sophisticated rules engine to manage distribution of sales leads for clients with reseller or mixed reseller/direct sales channels. The result is better alignment of sales opportunities with the right sales resource, higher close rates, and more sales.
Determining which sales resource should receive a lead greatly influences whether successful conversion to a sale occurs. That determination can be more complicated if a company goes to market through dealers, distributors, wholesalers, brokers, direct sales offices or some combination of all these. To be most effective, a variety of factors must be considered when determining placement of sales leads. These include:

  • Lead History
  • Vertical market designation
  • Size of opportunity
  • How far your prospects are willing to travel
  • Geographic territories of your dealers or sales people
  • Lead source
  • Major accounts designation of lead
  • Product availability by sales channel and location
  • Individual dealer or broker performance
  • Equity or fairness concerns for lead recipients in overlapping territories

The new rules engine within incommand can be set up using visual decision points laid out in a free form canvas format. Every decision point supports variables that can be tailored to meet individual client needs. By arraying decision points in succession, the incommand rules engine determines possible sales resource candidates based on characteristics of the lead. It then evaluates sales candidates until the most suitable one is identified. incommand delivers that lead to the client’s CRM system, or to dealer or brokers using incommand’s CRM Lite module. The new rules engine module also offers individual and bulk lead testing to ensure outcomes are what clients expect before their distribution rules are deployed.
The new lead distribution rules engine addresses shortcomings of mainstream CRM platforms by evaluating many more lead factors, and laying out sequential decisions until a sales resource with the best chance of closing the lead is chosen. incommand 4.5/Rules Engine will be rolled out to current clients during the next few months, and will be available to new clients immediately.
“This new rules engine allows us to help clients organize where their leads should go based on many more characteristics and the history of the lead.” said J.T. McDonald, President of MarketNet. “They can now visualize where sales leads go and why. It’s quite a leap forward, and provides clarity especially when overlapping territories and multiple sales channels are involved.”
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With a philosophy of “No Lead Left Behind®”, MarketNet creates lead management software for clients who:
Want to capture, respond to, distribute and track leads from all sources
Need immediate lead notification sent to the best-suited sales person based on their channel sales strategy
Require automatic follow-up and lead nurturing to increase sales closure rates
Want to know what the sales person (or dealer) actually did with the lead
Must be able to justify their marketing campaigns by measuring ROI
Clients such as The HON Company, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc., 4Front Engineered Solutions, BrassCraft, Inc. (A Masco Company) and others have partnered with MarketNet to leverage their marketing investments, yielding more leads and converted sales per dollar spent. Founded in 1996, MarketNet is based near Grand Rapids, Mich. For more information, please visit MarketNet at