Lead Assignment & Distribution

Dealers and sales people come in all shapes and sizes

Get your leads to the dealer or sales person who has the best chance to convert them.

With incommand, our lead processing engine takes on the role of traffic cop, telling sales leads where to go and when. Based on lead characteristics, triggers, and rules, it will direct a sales lead to Marketing Automation, tele-qualification, or straight to a sales resource (via CRM).

Lead score and lead source lays the groundwork for what to do next with the lead.

Building on the broader scope of our territory manager, the distribution rules engine enables you to layer rules based on how you go to market. The rules and how they are sequenced can be established by you, offering more sophistication and flexibility compared to lead assignment and distribution rules found in CRM systems. The distribution rules engine can be engaged at any time during a sales lead’s journey, enabling a lead to be “attached” to a sales resource (sales person or reseller) independent of when the lead is sent to that sales resource.

When a sales lead is assigned through the distribution rules engine, notifications are sent to the appropriate sales resource. This can include not only the person tasked with following up on the lead, but also managers, sales administrators and other people you deem appropriate to further the sales process. Automated reminders and follow-up notices can also be set up to improve sales compliance.

We can sift through situations where multiple sales outlets in a single area can serve a customer – and we’ll pick the best one for your client. So, you dream it, our territory management rules engine can be set up to deliver it.