Lead Nurturing

If you’re not taking advantage of lead nurturing, you’re leaving money on the table.

Nurtured leads have 9% higher average deal sizes and 23% shorter sales cycles.

Lead nurturing is a combination of marketing automation, lead scoring and some of the “secret sauce” we’ve built into incommand. Communicating consistent and meaningful touches with viable prospects who are not at the buying stage yet. Since only 25% of leads are ready to be sent to sales (we call this “Sales Qualified”), the other leads need to be kept back and nurtured until they are ready to move on.

In other words, if you contact leads that are not ready to buy and push them into making a decision right away, you will likely lose them. Lead nurturing gives you the ability to continue to keep your brand “top of mind” with relevant messages to make sure you engage the consumer at exactly the right time.