Systems Integration

We talk to everyone

incommand can talk to virtually any system. We link and trade data back and forth between most CRM, Marketing Automation and ERP Systems

You may already have a CRM system. Whether your sales people are using it to sell to end user customers or dealers, you want leads deposited there. No problem. incommand integrates with most popular CRM systems. We pass leads along to your CRM when they’re good and ready to be sold.

Even better, if your dealers are using incommand’s CRM Lite to receive leads, we can post any actions recorded for them and post it to your internal CRM system. That way, you and your sales people see exactly what they’re doing with your leads.

The same kind of integration and data transfer is available for most popular Marketing Automation and ERP systems you may have deployed. This makes sure that as much information as possible is available to determine the best course of action for your leads.