TouchPoint Recorder®

Be in touch

Grab every lead no matter where it comes from. It’s the first step in knowing which marketing expenditures are paying off.

Our TouchPoint Recorder® posts every “hand raising” event. Whether it happens online, offline, or out in the field. Knowing where a lead comes from is important in deciding how you respond, how you nurture the lead, and where it eventually goes. And only by knowing where every lead comes from will you be able to eventually measure which marketing activities are yielding business for you.

How it works

It stores all new records to the incommand database. It records where the lead came from, when it was posted, and any other relevant information or activity about the record. It also checks the record against all others in the database to avoid duplicates, and to post successive hand raising events to a single record. This lets you see how your touchpoints can work together to build a prospect into a sale.